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Since the cost of energy has dramatically increased during the past few years, there has been an increased need in Industry to conserve energy.

Compressed air and steam systems are the most inefficient utilities, compressed air being the most widely used. Approximately every 7,5kW of energy you use to power an air compressor, you only get ±1kW of effective compressed air power out. The majority of energy lost is in the form of Heat energy that is often extracted from the compressor room by HVAC systems that require more energy.

Compressed Air is Expensive to Generate and Even More Expensive to Waste!

There is often very little control in generating compressed air, under the assumption that "the compressor knows what it is doing." The Plants pressure is not maintained, the air quality is substandard, there are pressure problems everywhere, production is being affected, compressed air leaks are everywhere, energy is being wasted, the pressure of the compressors continues to be increased to full capacity, compressor maintenance costs are rising, all culminating to the point of buying another compressor? Where do you start? A project like this may seem overwhelming!!!

Has the above happened to you? Most probably it has or could be happening right now?

Fisher Installations assists companies with in-depth Compressed Air System Optimization (CASOP) Projects. This is done by various types of compressed air audits, structured to your unique companies needs and requirements.

Using mobile compressed air audit equipment and ultrasonic leak detection apparatus, we will in a very short time, be able to diagnose what is going on in your plant, highlight the wastage locations and provide physical Data . This data will be used to optimize your plant, increase your system pressure, stop the leaks, increase your air quality and eliminate pneumatically related production failures or downtime. We have audited over 100 various companies across all industries, including Mining, Automotive, Publishing, Manufacturing, Beverage, Packaging. Pharmaceutical, Medical and Agricultural industries, with all these clients were assisted to see where savings can be cost effectively implemented with commensurate savings in the long term.

The skill set at Fisher Installations includes an ISO 50001 Lead Auditor, Certified Energy Auditor, Compressed Air Optimization Specialist, BA & MBA Graduate and Artisans qualified to carry out almost any tasks.

Replacing the compressor should be the last item on the step to optimizing a system. One of our past clients was going to replace his 2 X 90kW compressors because the system pressure was too low and he felt that the compressors were too old and inefficient. He was right, the compressors were very old and not properly maintained. However after an in-depth audit (including some piping, storage and drainage changes) including a full leak detection where over 120 leaks were identified. After all these points were rectified, the client finally replaced those 2 90kW compressors with NOW 2 correctly sized 75kW compressors that would be able to cope (having additional capacity for growth) with his plants compressed air demand.

Another client had just had a whole new compressor room designed, with smaller compressors ie; he had one 45kW fixed speed and one 50kW VSD installed. They were replaced with 3 x 22kW compressors - 1 fixed speed and VSD's, new piping, filters, dryers, drainage, etc... However the system pressure drop was very high which often affected production, the only solution thought by many, was that the compressors were obviously undersized, unable to cope and larger ones would need to be purchased. After a CASOP, 18 points were suggested (items like drainage, incorrect valve selection, system set-up, unnecessary restrictions within the plant, etc.). We worked along with the client in actioning these points all the way. Currently the plant is able to run at a lower pressure than before, and on only ±1.5 compressors capacity. This resulted in a massive saving without any additional equipment needing to be purchased!

Their work showed their commitment, reliability and knowledge of compressed air installations!

One Client had this to say about the service he received: Fisher Installations and "our Regional Design / Construction Department have been working on a few Large Scale Compressed Air Installations. Their work showed their commitment, reliability and knowledge of compressed air installations! They are very cooperative, reliable and trustworthy."

Compressed Air is Expensive and even more so when wasted! Only Data obtained by a Compressed Air Audit will be able to assist in saving energy, saving money, saving production!