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Compressed Air System Optimization »

There may be many stages to optimizing your compressed air system:

Walk Through Audit:

This is a free service to assist a company see where savings can be made, how the current system is running and what could be done to optimize the system. This will be very helpful to assist in seeing other potential ways of improving the current system and lay a practical foundation for future expansion.

Leak Detection:

This is an in-depth leak detection survey using Ultrasonic Leak detection equipment to isolate, tag, record the item that is leaking and quantify each leak. This will then either assist the maintenance staff to repair these items themselves or have an outsourced service provider quote accordingly for each or all of these item/s to be repaired or replaced.

Air Quality Audit:

Assists to confirm that the air quality is accurate according to either client ISO 8573 Class Specifications or to improve on the company’s own air quality standards. All Pharmaceutical, Medical, Food and Beverage industries and Packaging companies , just to name a few, require accurate ISO class specifications. Measuring Items like Particle Counting, Dew Point and moisture content as well as oil carry over.

In-depth Flow Audit:

This entails measuring the physical properties of the compressed air and providing not only graphed or CSV data for values like Flow, Velocity, Accumulative consumption, Dew point, Temperature, Relative Humidity and all Power Values (example, Amps, Volts, kW etc.) but also providing an in-depth report explaining all the facts and evidence as to how the plants compressed air system is complying with operational requiremens.

Compressed air System Optimization Audit:

This audit is a combination of all the above audits and will provide a full spectrum of results and analysis highlighting where all the savings can be made. However it also includes the Project management assistance in working along with the required on-site personnel in making the observations and recommendations a reality, to really get the most out of the Project.